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Discover Visionary Talent

Find the right fit for your industry and project with TalentPulse, your dedicated partner in specialized computer vision hiring.

From groundbreaking research to scalable implementations, our candidates carry a wealth of experience to address your unique needs

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Computer Vision Engineers

Skilled professionals experienced in implementing large-scale projects and algorithms that power your business' vision

Computer Vision Scientists

Exceptional researchers with the latest innovative ideas to advance your business

MLOps Engineers

Experts in establishing robust training pipelines, they ensure seamless deployment of computer vision solutions at scale

Our Expertise Across Roles

Our hiring services span a variety of sectors, aiding businesses to acquire visionaries that drive change

Steer Success Across Industries

Automotive and Autonomous Vehicles

Enhance vehicle perception with algorithms for object detection, recognition, and tracking


 Empower robots to perceive and interact with the environment effectively


Harness the power of computer vision for efficient medical image analysis, disease diagnostics, and surgical assistance

Retail and E-commerce

 Utilize computer vision for inventory management, visual search, AR experiences, cashierless stores, and customer behavior analysis

Security and Surveillance

 Bolster physical security with facial recognition technology, object tracking, anomaly detection, and behavior analysis


Improve farming with crop monitoring, disease detection, yield estimation, plant health assessment, and automation


Deploy computer vision for quality control, defect detection, robotic assembly, and process automation

AR and VR

Create immersive experiences with real-time tracking, 3D reconstruction, object recognition, and scene understanding


Enhance sports analytics, player tracking, action recognition, and AR fan experiences with computer vision

Logistics and Transportation

Optimize operations with package sorting, barcode scanning, license plate recognition, traffic monitoring, and ITS

Take the first step in revolutionizing your hiring process with TalentPulse. 

Empower your business with the best computer vision talents today

Logo of TensorFlow, a popular open-source platform for machine learning, indicating TalentPulse's expertise in recruiting for roles requiring TensorFlow skills
Logo of TensorRT, a high-performance deep learning inference optimizer, demonstrating TalentPulse's capabilities in recruiting for roles needing TensorRT expertise
Logo of Kubeflow, an open-source project for running machine learning workloads on Kubernetes, illustrating TalentPulse's strength in recruiting for roles that require Kubeflow experience
Logo of Google JAX, an advanced numerical computing library, representing TalentPulse's skill in recruiting for roles that demand expertise in Google JAX
Logo of OpenCV, a leading open-source computer vision and machine learning software library, representing TalentPulse's competence in recruiting for roles that require OpenCV knowledge
Logo of PyTorch, a widely used open-source machine learning library, showcasing TalentPulse's proficiency in recruiting for roles that require PyTorch expertise
Logo of MLflow, an open-source platform for managing the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle, signifying TalentPulse's skill in recruiting for roles that require MLflow proficiency
Logo of Nvidia, a major multinational technology company known for its graphics processing units (GPUs), highlighting TalentPulse's specialization in recruiting for roles requiring experience with Nvidia technologies

Unleash Potential Across all stacks

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