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TalentPulse was founded by Soheil and Amir, two ardent professionals in the field of AI and Computer Vision Engineering, Sales and Marketing, and Tech Recruitment. Identifying a void in the industry for specialized Computer Vision Talent Acquisition, they envisaged a service that could simplify the recruitment journey for businesses, delivering them top-notch talent perfectly aligned with their unique needs. And so, TalentPulse came into existence

Hero image showcasing TalentPulse founders Soheil and Amir, and their vision for specialized Computer Vision Talent Acquisition
Profile picture of Amir Zaker, Co-Founder of TalentPulse

Amir Zaker


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Profile picture of Soheil Koohi, Co-Founder of TalentPulse

Soheil Koohi 


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Our Unique Approach

At TalentPulse, we understand that finding the right talent is a challenging task. Our Consultancy for Computer Vision Hiring combines expert-guided talent matching, personalized job descriptions, and a thorough candidate screening process. This unique approach not only allows us to comprehend the specific needs of our clients but also ensures they find the right candidate, saving them time and reducing hiring risks

Image illustrating the mission of TalentPulse in specialized computer vision recruitment

Our Mission

At TalentPulse, our mission is to elevate businesses by providing them the best computer vision talent, effectively making us a preferred choice for Computer Vision Recruitment Services. We aspire to forge meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our clients, understanding their ambitions, and overcoming their hiring hurdles

Image showcasing the dedicated team behind TalentPulse's specialized recruitment services

Our Team

The TalentPulse team is a blend of tech recruitment experts, sales and marketing professionals, and AI specialists, each contributing unique perspectives and skills. Our passion for assisting businesses in their Computer Vision Job Placement journey drives us daily

Image symbolizing the steadfast commitment of TalentPulse to provide specialized recruitment services

Our Commitment

TalentPulse is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our Computer Vision Skills Assessment service. From understanding our client's specific needs to maintaining the highest standards in customer service, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed

Image depicting the core values upheld by TalentPulse in its specialized recruitment services

Our Values

Our core values are transparency, dedication, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We believe in open and honest communication, commitment to our clients, embracing new technologies, and striving for the satisfaction of our clients

Let's start a conversation about your computer vision needs. Take the first step in your hiring journey with TalentPulse, your trusted partner in Computer Vision Talent Acquisition.

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